we link destination,

a collection of guides for business travellers

The guide allows corporate customers to direct their business travellers to hotels whose security has been inspected, thereby better exercising their duty of care.

Because the price of a room is not a guarantee of security, we select institutions in all categories.

Each guide presents:

  • An upscale hotel.
  • Two mid-range hotels.
  • Two budget hotels or guest houses.

The guide includes:

  • General comments on the hospitality level of performance.
  • Descriptive sheets for the hotels.
  • The results of 5 completed inspections.

The benefits of we link destination

  • Reduced cost for a particular destination
  • Response adapted to the needs of large and small businesses:
       - Select accomodation in a new destination
       - Comfirm a hotel choice or referencing
  • Strengthened travel policy and controlled responsability
  • Commercial optimisation of security investments
  • Selective promotion channel toward corporate customers
  • Evaluation of the hotel security features for internal use